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Marrying the Expertise of Forensic Science with the Art of Historical Knowledge

DNA Consultants began as a family business in 2003. In a field highly driven by technology we still pride ourselves on our personal touch.

All our results are customized, confidential and current. Once you receive a report you have unlimited customer service by phone or email. You are part of the family!

Customers ask me, "What makes you different from other companies?"

I could say smaller is better.

I won't say we are unique.

I will say if you go with us you will reap the following advantages:

One test, a world of results. Autosomal testing with our DNA Fingerprint Plus ($289) gives you an analysis of your entire ancestry, not just your father's male pedigree or mother's female DNA lineage.

Hard science, quality assured. Our autosomal DNA population statistics database captures every scrap of vital information published in academic journals. A DNA profile unique to you is matched to real, living populations defined by experts—no smoke and mirrors. It's numbers in, results out. Our forensics lab partner is ISO-certified, unlike many other companies.

EURO test. Our exclusive EURO analysis sets a new standard, giving you the top matches down to a country and sometimes to the city level where your European ancestors came from.

18 Marker Ethnic Panel. Find out if you have the marker, from one parent or both, for American Indian, Mediterranean European, East European, Jewish, Asian or Sub-Saharan ethnicity. If you have the marker you have the ancestry.

Rare Genes from History. Add the Rare Genes from History panel ($149) to get the fullest ancestry analysis possible from the current state of DNA science.

Depth and breadth of experience. Learn more about the technology behind our DNA Fingerprint Test . . . read our exciting science blog. . . . and check out our comprehensive line of other tests available, including "Reports Only" and "Biological Relationship Tests."

In summary, we are a premium provider with an exceptionally dedicated staff and would like to be your first choice for DNA testing needs.

Yours sincerely,

Teresa A. Panther-Yates
Vice President, Communications  

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