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Can a DNA test tell me where I come from?

Yes. We find matches for your unique DNA in forensic and genetic databases. If you take the DNA Fingerprint Test, we analyze your entire ancestry and determine your main countries of origin on an overall basis. Your matches reflect historical places where your various ancestors lived, such as Portugal, Highlands Scotland, Denmark and the like. If this search is done for your male or female haplotype, we calculate where the most recent common ancestor for those matches lived and what countries his or her descendants migrated from down to the present. For instance, you may discover that your male line came from Scandinavia and your female line from Spain. For a male ancestor, identified by his Y chromosomal markers, these "genetic cousins" go back to the early medieval period, about 1,000 to 1,500 years ago (i.e. 500-1000 CE). This was a time when most surnames were first being created in Europe, so your haplotype history coincides with your pedigree, or surname genealogy. For a female ancestor, the time of origin is measured in thousands of years rather than hundreds. Professor Bryan Sykes at Oxford Ancestors has assigned names like Helena to these ancient female founders.