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Premium Female DNA Test


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 Premium Female DNA Test

About Our Premium Female DNA Test
Our Premium Female Test analyzes your matrilineal descent from the earliest humans to the present, by testing the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) passed to you by your mother. Your mtDNA is screened for differences on two control regions known as HVRI and HVRII. The resulting "mutations" define your maternal lineage (the DNA of your mother, her mother and so forth, all the way back).

Sample Premium Female DNA Ancestry Test

Sample Premium Female DNA Report Sample Premium Female DNA Report (908 KB)

Your mtDNA mutations are researched in the Cambridge Mitochondrial DNA Concordance, Mitosearch, and other authoritative databases. A history of your particular female lineage is presented as part of the report, with comparative frequencies in world populations. 

Who Can Take the Female Test
Females can takes this test as well as males.

How the Test Works
We will send you a Premium Female sample collection kit containing two cheek swabs and instructions for collection. You will then send the samples back to our laboratory via the prepaid shipping pack. The laboratory provides the genetic testing, and we will analyze and interpret the results. Testing takes approximately six to eight (6-8) weeks from the time the lab receives your samples. Your electronic report is delivered to you by email within about another week. It includes:

•    Laboratory analysis of your mitochondrial DNA
•    Comparison of your mtDNA against world  databases
•    Determination whether your mitochondrial lineage is Eurasian, Native American, Asian or African
•    History and description of your particular female lineage (haplotype)  
•    References and resources for further information
•    FAQs and complete access to our Learning Center 
•    Hyperlinked terms for easy lookup online
•    One-click access to websites mentioned in your report
•    Certificate of Testing
•    Unlimited help online and by email or phone so that you can understand and use your ancestry report
•    Instructions how to enter your DNA results into relevant databases, if you so choose

Report Only

Have you already received the lab results of an mtDNA test? Would you like a full, independent analysis? You can send them to us and receive the analysis only.  Visit our Premium Female DNA Ancestry Report Only page to learn more.

Paper Copy
You can also opt to receive a hard copy of your report and materials, mailed to you. 

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